Maximize Your App Marketing

      If you’ve got an app that isn’t doing so well in the app store, or is one that is newly created there may be some tips that can help increase your app’s exposure. There are a number of ways you can increase your app’s exposure on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

      The most obvious way to increase the number of hits your app will get is to find more succinct and clear ways of describing the app. A lot of time should go into considering exactly what tags you want to use for example, but starting from the top down, the first part of your app to consider is the name itself!

      Google Play allows for 30 characters, and the Apple Store allows for 255 characters but will only show the first 25 characters when searching. Use your app name to not only come up with a unique brand, but also to quickly convey the app’s functions and purpose. The next parts to look into adding detail to is the app description. With 4000 characters to work with you can really pack in some good information about your app, and also use it to add in some sales lingo. The description is as much a descriptive field as it is a sales pitch to potential downloaders. Knowing your competitors and your users along with carefully selected word choice can help increase not only your appeal to potential users, but also help bring your app closer to the top of the search list.

      Relating to the way smartphone users search for apps, it’s important to have good keyword tags. This is a feature for the Apple Store only and is limited to 100 characters, but it can help bring your app up in the ranks of the App Store. If you use bland descriptive keywords for an app it may hurt your chances at being on the first page. What is important to remember is that while you are advertizing to humans, the search function is a robot. Putting in keyword tags like edit, photo, or camera for an app that lets you customize your photos won’t get you very far. But more specific tags like selfie, glamour, or filter will likely get you more hits and bring the app closer to the popular search list. Also make use of the limited space, put commas between keywords but don’t use spaces.

      The app icon is also a great way to get possible users to click on your app. If the icon is similar to other apps that do the same thing it is likely to get lost among all the other apps out there. It’s especially important to have one that is aesthetically pleasing, avoid poor colour combinations and low quality graphics. The same can be said for the screenshots you choose to use of the app. Make sure they are high quality, and don’t just show what the app looks like. Make the screenshots tell users something unique about the app and show off the features that make the app special. For Google Play you can also use a video to display the app’s functions. If you can take advantage of this you should do so!

      An overlooked way to better market your app is to select a category that the app may do well in. Some categories are more crowded than others, so it can be beneficial to choose one that still relates to you app but is not as highly populated.

Outside of the app store

      While it’s certainly important to describe and market your app well on the Apple or Google stores don’t think that your work ends there. There are plenty of websites that can help you bring a spotlight on your app! You can find ways to get your app on review websites, either free or paid as a way to let others speak up on behalf of your hard work. Some sites to consider include Appmodo, App Guide, App Advice, Gizmodo, App Store Love, and Pocket Full of Apps just to name a few out there!

      Advertizing is also just as important, especially if you happen to have positive reviews you can throw in. Social media can be an easy DIY form of advertisement. Other ways to spread the word include online or print press releases. Youtube is also a great way to advertise, so if you have time to make a promotional video (or already have one from Google Play) put it online as a way to increase traffic to your app.

      All of these methods should help you maximize the amount of information about your app you can put both on and off of the Apple or Google Stores. Never forget that even after all your hard work put into making an app, marketing requires just as much work to finally reap the rewards of your hard work!